Quelle veste porter avec une robe?

What jacket to wear with a dress?

Whether it is chic or bohemian, long or short, white or floral, the dress goes perfectly with different styles of jackets which allow you to wear it a little longer each year.

But which jacket to choose to go with your dress? Depending on the style of your dress, matching it with the right jacket can quickly become a real headache. No worries, we can help! In this article, we'll give you some great tips to help you wear the dress and jacket in style.

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The leather jacket, for a rock touch

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket, no matter how long your dress is. This timeless piece brings a certain cool and relaxed vibe to your style that can really change the look of your outfit. It also adds a rock and energetic touch to your dress.

Be sure to choose a leather jacket that hugs your body well and flattens your waistline. You want to wear a jacket that accentuates the shape of your dress, not the other way around.

Veste cuir noire
Veste cuir noire

The blazer, for a chic look

For a chic and feminine look, pair your dress with a suit jacket. The jacket brings a masculine touch that will contrast with your dress. Choose a close-fitting jacket that stops at the waist. Avoid jackets that are too long, which may flatten the silhouette.

Veston gris robe
Veston rouge robe

The denim jacket, for a casual look

Whether your dress is long or shorter, the denim jacket is always a great idea. Choose a model that is close to the body and rather curved. It must also stop at the waist to properly structure the silhouette. To give a trendy and relaxed look to the whole, you can roll up the sleeves of the denim jacket.

Veste en jeans robe
Veste en jeans robe

The cardigan, for a casual look

The cardigan is a great way to breathe new life into your favorite dresses. Whether it's fall or spring, simply pair one of your dresses with a warm cardigan with a more textured and thick fabric. Think chunky cable knits and super soft cashmere, for example. This type of cardigan goes perfectly with a more chic dress, such as a sheath dress.

Cardigan gris robe
Cardigan rouge robe

The safari jacket, for a bohemian style

It is always timeless, the safari jacket. On a long dress, it reinforces its bohemian side while bringing it a little touch of sophistication. Always for a chic hippie look, opt for the khaki green suede jacket.

Veste saharienne robe
Veste saharienne robe

The faux fur jacket, for a glamorous look

Throwing on a faux fur jacket over your dress is the best way to immediately take your outfit to the next level. No matter the color, texture or length, a faux fur jacket brings a certain boldness and confidence to your outfit like nothing else.

Depending on the style you're going for, opt for an oversized jacket for a simpler look or a fitted jacket for something more glamorous. You will be surprised by the versatility of a faux fur jacket!

Veste fourrure robe
Veste fourrure robe

The wool jacket, combination of style and comfort

The wool jacket is your must-have. You'll never look out of place at an event by pairing it with a dress. The wool jacket can immediately harmonize your look and elevate your outfit to something very chic and classy.

Depending on the length of your dress, you can choose a maxi jacket or a mid-length jacket. Playing with silhouettes can also bring more interest to your outfit, whether it's fit, flare or boyfriend style.

Veste en laine robe
Veste en laine robe

Now that you know all the tips for wearing your dresses 3 seasons a year, take the opportunity to try out the ones that go best with your jackets. Also follow our advice on how to wear your favorite dresses, even in winter.

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