4 robes à porter à l'hiver

How to wear a dress in winter?

The dress is an essential part of the women's wardrobe. But in America, the dress is worn mainly in summer, then replaced by pants in the fall. However, did you know that the dress can also be worn very well in winter? In this article, our stylist experts share some tips for wearing your dresses in style all year round, even in winter.

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Choose the right style of dress

Start with the dress fabric

With the chilly winters, it is important to choose materials that will keep you warm. So, put aside your dresses in light cotton, linen and other materials that are too thin. Instead, favor your dresses in thick materials such as wool, silk or even neoprene. You will find some examples in our shop here.

Robe en laine

Don't stop at the color of the dress

With a little creativity, all dress colors can be worn in winter. The white dress will enhance your complexion and remind you of the pretty snow on the ground. The floral dress will go well with neutral colors. The red dress will give you vitality and will be ideal for the holiday season. Also consider other winter colors such as camel, pine green, navy blue, burgundy, mustard and even black. You are spoiled for choice!

Robe rouge

Choose the right length

All length can be worn in winter, from short dresses to long dresses. On the other hand, for ladies who are a little more chilly, it is better to wear long dresses with sleeves to keep you warm. The secret to choosing the right length for your dress in winter is knowing what to match it with. Let's talk about it in the next section.

Robe longue bleue

What top to wear with a dress in winter?

After the materials, colors and length, it's now time to give you some advice on how to match your dress with the other items in your wardrobe.

Wear the dress with a shirt

For your low-cut and short-sleeved dresses, choose a nice neutral shirt over it. This will give you style and a lot of ease. Choose a soft material like cotton or linen. Add a cardigan or sweater over it for colder days. Do not be afraid to mix colors, this is what will give more warmth to your look.

Robe avec chemise
Robe avec chandail

Wear the dress with a sweater

Another option is to wear the dress with a round neck sweater. This option is all-purpose and works just as well with a low-cut, round-neck dress. Prioritize softer materials if your dress is short-sleeved for maximum comfort.

Wear the dress with a turtleneck

For the more daring, the dress can also be worn over a turtleneck. For a successful style, prioritize dresses with straps, V-neck or collar and buttons. For the turtleneck, choose a warm material like wool or cashmere. This will keep you warm without giving you too much bulk.

Robe avec col roulé

Robe avec tricot

Wear the dress with a knit

Go with a thicker, looser knit so you don't mark the dress underneath. In terms of colour, prioritize neutral to allow as many combinations as possible. Our favorites for this style are the gray or cream knits made from cashmere or wool, like those in our Repeat Cashmere collection.

What bottom to wear with a dress in winter?

Now that you know what to put on top to go with your dresses, let's see what to put on the bottom.

Robe avec collants

Wear the dress with tights

  • For black dresses: Go with fancy black lace or satin tights. Avoid taking completely opaque tights as this will weigh down your silhouette. Semi-opaque tights are ideal.
  • For white or gray dresses: Choose nude tights. These pair beautifully with paler colors.
  • For navy, green, or burgundy dresses: Opt for heathered tights in the same color hues as your dresses. These go perfectly with the more wintry colors.
  • For brown and cream dresses: Prioritize brown tights.

Wear the dress with colored socks

To add a touch of style to your look and to keep you warm, you can also wear socks. These are becoming more and more fashionable lately. For a successful combination, choose a color that makes a reminder with your top.

Robe avec bas mauves

Other items to accompany the dress

Wear the dress with a coat

For a successful coat and dress combination, there are a few rules to follow. First, pay attention to the volume. Overly thick coats such as fur and down jackets should be avoided as they may amplify your figure. Instead, go with a fitted cut like a more chic long coat that comes closer to your body.

Robe avec manteau
Robe avec bottes

Wear the dress with boots

Boots usually pair well with a shorter dress to allow space between the shoe and the garment. On the other hand, they can also be combined with long dresses. In such a scenario, we recommend that you go with taller boots that are particularly stylish and with a high heel.

Choose the right accessories

For a final touch to your style, add a few accessories such as a necklace, rings or even a pretty bracelet to your round neck or other dresses. Also opt for a scarf for colder days, especially if your dress is low-cut.

Robe avec accessoires

That's it !

Now that you know how to wear the dress in winter, it's time for you to let your creativity flow and take out your beautiful dresses from your wardrobe. For more inspirations and ideas, check out our dress section of our online store.

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