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Fall-winter 2022 fashion trends

Autumn is slowly setting in and the cooler temperatures make us want something new! But what are the major fashion trends to watch this season in order to update our wardrobe? We have identified 9 fashion trends for the fall-winter 2022 season that you will love! In this selection, you are guaranteed to find at least one trend that you will adopt.

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1. Caramel tones

When it's summer we take out our most colourful clothes. When fall arrives, it's time to wear colours in warmer tones like caramel. This colour is the perfect marriage with the reds and oranges of this season. A must-have for the next few months is definitely the caramel-coloured wool coat! It will go well with almost all your outfits. It is a timeless piece that you will absolutely want to keep in your wardrobe.

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2. Tiles

Plaid print will be everywhere this fall and winter! Very popular with oversized coats, it can also be worn over a skirt, or with pants, jackets, tank tops, and even dresses. Whether the print is small or large, the important thing is that it is checked! A trend that is here to stay.

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3. Leather (or synthetic leather) 

Both elegant and edgy, leather or synthetic leather is making a comeback this fall. Whether it's a jacket, a skirt, or a pair of pants, as long as it's leather, we're in business! You can even dare coloured leather. To adopt it in style this year, you can, among other things, opt for the loose leather jacket. It goes perfectly with jeans or even a wool maxi dress. By the way, follow our advice to find out which jacket to wear with your dress.

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4. The blazer

The fall favourite, the blazer with print or monochrome is very popular. We have seen his cut evolve over the years. In fall 2022, we will see it, especially in its loose and structured shape, with a straight cut and shoulder pads. For the office, you can also opt for a fitted or oversized version with a shirt underneath. It's the perfect piece to add a touch of professionalism to an outfit. You will definitely love it!

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femme-veston-gris-chandail blanc

5. The white tank top

Simple, but effective, the white tank top is back! A super basic perfect for all occasions. For a day at home or out with friends, wear it with a pair of jeans for a casual look. For the office or an event, opt for dress pants and a tank top for a chic look.



6. Loose sweaters and cardigans

Loose sweaters are synonymous with total comfort! This fall, rather than opting for a neutral sweater, turn to XL sweaters with patterns. These will bring an original side to your looks and will definitely be very trendy in the fall of 2022. In addition to being fashionable, they will bring you all the comfort and warmth you will need. They're perfect for any occasion and pair well with just about any bottom! You can also follow our advice on how to wear the sweater to perfection this season.

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7. Flared pants

And yes! It's not just low waist pants that are back in fashion, but also bell bottom pants! This style of pants is a real master key for all styles. Chic or casual, you just need to know how to wear it! For an elegant and classy look, opt for black flared pants and match them with a small white shirt, for a more casual look, opt for a printed t-shirt. Let your imagination do the work and you'll have tons of fabulous looks to wear with these pants.



8. The micro-skirt

Despite the approaching cold, the mini-skirt won't be leaving anytime soon! Grab a pair of tights and you'll be ready to face the cold weather in style. The miniskirt goes well with a shirt, but also with an XL sweater for a more casual look. In colder weather, combine the miniskirt with an oversized coat for a little more warmth, which will make your outfit even more trendy!



9. The XXL coat

Whether it's a red blanket-like coat, a sophisticated white one, or a brown fur coat with side pockets, the important thing is that it's very large! It is the perfect ally for winter days. One thing is sure, it will keep you warm and you won't go unnoticed! Follow our tips to discover how to choose the perfect coat this fall.

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Hoping you were able to find a trend to your liking, otherwise, you can always visit us in one of our stores, we will be happy to help you with our huge selection of trendy clothes that we have!

The important thing is to wear clothes in which you will feel good and which will reflect the person you are!