Lily Watch Battery Life Expectations

The battery life of your Garmin Lily watch can be affected by how you use it. The information in the tables below is intended to describe the conditions used to determine battery life specifications. Use beyond what is listed below, or use of features not listed, may result in reduced battery life. The information presented below is given as a general guide for reference only on the Lily product.

The following usage assumptions were used to determine Lily's battery life. Unless otherwise noted, all default software settings and configurations are assumed for battery life specifications.

Smartwatch Mode Usage Assumptions
Notifications per day 90
Number of interactions per day 80
Alerts generated by the device per day 9
Hours per day out of phone Bluetooth range 1
Number of gestures per day 80
Average number of hours per day spent outdoors1 2
Watch face2 By default
Number of gestures per day By default
Screen brightness and timeout
Disabled by default
Pulse Ox Mode
Smartwatch mode Battery life
Up to 5 days


1 Lily uses an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness to an acceptable level based on ambient light levels. Using the device outdoors in bright environments may reduce battery life due to increased screen brightness.

2 Lily's "default" watch face is the watch face present on the device when it comes out of the box. Lily is designed to work with a variety of native watch faces. Using watch faces other than the default watch face may impact battery life in smartwatch mode.