Comment porter le chandail?

How to wear a sweater?

How to wear the sweater? It may seem like a simple question, but there are so many ways to wear it and so many sweater styles, the possibilities are endless. How to find the right one? Here are our tips and advice.

Our first, to adopt with all sweaters, is: the “French tuck”. To succeed, your sweater must not be too tight and you must insert it just a little in your pants, at the front. You will give the impression of having a casual, yet thoughtful look. It will also benefit your silhouette!

The t-shirt, the wardrobe king

Although it is a rather simple sweater that everyone has, there are certain criteria to observe before purchasing and to apply before styling it.

As for materials, synthetics make you sweat… even more in summer! You therefore have no choice but to turn to natural materials.

The best way to find the perfect t-shirt for you:

  • The seams of the sleeves must be positioned on the shoulder;
  • the slightly flared collar should come almost to the collarbone. If you prefer V-necks, make sure they are not too deep;
  • the sleeves must stop at the biceps;
  • your pectorals should be very slightly molded, not too much;
  • the lines of the t-shirt should follow your sides;
  • it must stop below the belt, without molding your belly.
Then, after getting a few models of this t-shirt made to measure for you, have fun with different and looser cuts for a cool and relaxed style.

The plain t-shirt can easily be the key piece of your look if it is a strong color and can be a link between the elements of the look if it is a neutral color.

The famous leather biker jacket and white t-shirt combo still works. Wear it preferably with jeans to complete this very trendy look.

You can also wear your t-shirt with dress pants. You need to choose one with an impeccable cut and turn to sober colors, which are more suitable for the costume. This look will be successful if you tuck your t-shirt into your pants.

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Knitwear, your best friend

It's classy when fitted, worn over a shirt and with booties. It's trendy and cool when loose and worn with sneakers.

It can be a large turtleneck that ensure absolute comfort, it can even be worn as a cardigan to complete an unfinished look: and nothing could be more comfortable! You can pair it with a matching shirt or t-shirt of your choice.

Opt for wool and cashmere in the winter to keep you warm and for cotton in the summer so that your knit is thinner and breathes more.

The half-zip knit is a key layering piece. It can be worn both as a top layer over a shirt or t-shirt or as a mid-layer under a sports coat or jacket.

Knitwear will never disappoint you: it will always be fashionable, comfortable and versatile. You can not be wrong!

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The cardigan, ally for all seasons

It can be long, short, fitted, loose, in wool, cotton… It is the sweater that will always complement your looks. By playing with textures, colors, materials and cuts, it offers you so many possibilities!

Between “casual” comfort and sophistication, it can blend into your look and be a great all-rounder, but it can also really stand out.

To relax it, go for the jeans and sneakers combo, ideal for an effortless, but very trendy look. You can also relax your business outfit: wear it with a button-up shirt and dress pants!

Simple and flattering, a long cardigan offers a loose, relaxed style that can extend to mid-thigh or down to the ankles. To add a touch of elegance, pair it with fitted jeans and a crew neck t-shirt or with a scoop neck shirt.

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The elegant turtleneck

This one is practical for adding a little dressier touch to your looks! Buy yourself turtlenecks in neutral colors that go with most of your clothes, so you can easily match them with almost anything.

Elegant, but not too chic, the turtleneck makes a change from the shirt and is a must-have for cooler days. It can be worn alone or under a sports or leather jacket. For a less strict look than with a shirt, wear your turtleneck under a jacket and you will be ready for work!

You can also wear it under a thicker sweater, so that only the collar stands out, for a more casual but very stylish look.

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The polo shirt, practical and trendy

The polo shirt is so versatile and can give you so many different looks that we had to talk about it. It can go with the event you are summoned to, but also with your mood.

For a more sporty look, we will wear it with faded or ripped jeans and we will choose a solid color polo shirt, without too many details. Simplicity wins!

You can wear it with plain, cleaner chinos or jeans, for a style that combines casual and urban. You can add a jacket and leather shoes to transform your look into something more elegant.

If you want to tuck it into your pants, make sure it's not too tight. To be sure that no missteps are made, never raise the collar of your polo shirt. He is good as he is!

If you are on the lean side, wear it slightly fitted and avoid too tight models which will widen your build. Choose rather square cuts to highlight your shoulders.

If you are thin and muscular, choose polo shirts that match the shape of your muscles. Don't go down a size to show them off; elegance lies in the art of measurement.

For men with curves, avoid straight cuts, too close to the body or too long. Instead, go for loose models, but sufficiently curved to avoid a floating effect.

In summer, go for light colors to wear preferably with shorts or white chinos. In winter, choose dark pants instead, which you will wear with a polo shirt of any color.

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