Tendances robe été 2021

Summer dress trends

Summer is upon us and it's time to talk about trends! And when we talk about summer fashion, dresses take an important place… Impossible to have too many dresses in your wardrobe, don't you think? The season of all possibilities is back and it's time to present the dress trends that will be on the agenda this year.

Fabric and material

It is as important to focus on the composition of your dress as on its style. Thus, you will combine comfort and fashion. Here are our favorites!

Linen dresses

Linen dresses are everywhere! Lightness, simplicity, comfort, femininity and style: this is what this trendy garment will give you. A must have in your wardrobe! And the possibilities are endless: thin straps, flounced sleeves, waist belt, fitted or loose, you will certainly find the perfect linen dress for your style.

robe aminass part two lin

Denim dresses

A timeless classic: jeans. The denim dress will be a must this summer for a more casual and fashionable outfit. Pair it with some simple jewelry, a hat and white sneakers, beautiful sandals or a pair of high heels and you're done.

robe en jeans tiona kaffe
robe en jeans gillian brax

Also opt for a classic and natural fiber such as cotton, a breathable and flexible vegetable fiber, or lyocell, which absorbs moisture and gives a feeling of lightness and softness. Everything is possible!


Summer is an opportunity to show your colors, whatever they are! Here are the most fashionable for the coming summer.


Candy pink, lilac, mint, sky blue, chick yellow, peach… pastel colors will give your dresses a tender, soft and refreshing look. They also go very well together: mint and sky blue or lilac and candy pink or even peach and chick yellow… You absolutely can't go wrong by choosing pastel!


Bright colors

Opposite to pastel colors, bright colors are just as trendy. They will bring out your tans and make you stand out. If there is a season to dare to wear these bright, biting and dynamic colors, it's summer!



In summer fashion, there is no shortage of prints, there is really something for everyone! You won't go wrong by choosing a printed dress that you love. Here are our 3 favorites for your summer!

Animal print dresses

Zebra, leopard, snake… all clothing with an animal motif will definitely be trendy this year! Dare to venture there and you will not regret it.


Floral Print Dresses

The floral pattern has gone through the years and is still in fashion. This summer will be no exception! Take out your most beautiful floral dresses for a look that is sometimes bohemian, sometimes elegant, but always colorful and glamorous. Don't know what to put? The floral print is a safe bet, trust us!!


Striped print dresses

Stripes: a print that crosses time. A classic! This classic that will immediately remind you of your holidays by the sea… Saint James is moreover the benchmark every year for the ultimate marine look. They can go all over the place and be in different colors to create different styles.



You can't go wrong: each shape has its purpose! Just find your favorite dress fit. Here are ours for this summer.

The shirt dress

Feminine and professional, the shirt-dress is versatile and makes a comeback every summer. It's ideal for working from home, running errands over the weekend or as a cover-up at the beach. Add your favorite accessories and it will become your "go-to".


The wrap dress

The wrap dress is a symbol of femininity, romanticism, elegance and lightness. It is very trendy since it goes with almost anything and it sublimates all morphologies. You will love it!



Now that you've found the perfect dress, it's time to add some accessories to it for an even more complete look.


To give a slightly more chic and dressy touch to your style, just wear your best jacket over your pretty summer dress. This layout will be very trendy this year! Another little trick: if you find a jacket big enough, it can even be a dress in itself.


Your summer dresses are certainly pretty, but perhaps impractical for carrying your personal items. Rattan or jute bag, small satchel, banana bag… you will undoubtedly find a nice bag to store your cell phone, your sunglasses and your mask, which will add a je-ne-sais-quoi to your look!

Sac Saint James

Then, just mix all these elements together: mix of colors, different fabrics, varied patterns, original cuts and trendy accessories.

Have a good shopping time!