Tendances mode printemps-été 2024

Spring-summer 2024 fashion trends

The arrival of spring means longer, warmer and sunnier days. Who says change of season, says new fashion trends! This is the opportunity to put your winter coats aside and opt for layering with lighter clothing. This spring, we find colors, patterns and looks that will undoubtedly seduce you.

To inspire you in your spring shopping, our team reveals the fashion trends that characterize the spring/summer 2024 season.

1 - Stripes

The striped trend is a fashion classic that regularly returns in different forms and styles. Whether thin, wide, vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes, they bring a dynamic and elegant touch to your look.

Combine stripes with plain pants, skirts or shorts. Denim is also a safe source this spring! For a dressier look, wear a plain jacket or blazer. By adding silver or gold jewelry, you get an ensemble that is more chic than sporty.

The Saint James collection , known for its nautical style and striped patterns, is a must-have for shopping its stylish outfits. This season, the Oui collection also emphasizes this motif mainly in shades of red. There is no shortage of choice!



2 - Powder pink and lilac

The Barbie movie inevitably stimulated the creativity of many fashion designers for the spring-summer 2024 season. Delicate shades of pale pink and purple stand out among current trends. Pastel tones subtly evoke the blooming of the first spring flowers, adding a touch of freshness and femininity to this season's color palette.

To highlight these trendy colors as much as possible, select a monochrome look while remaining faithful to the same shades. Also opt for discreet floral patterns that will add texture and depth to your outfit. To complete your ensemble, choose white shoes to avoid any contrast and to maintain harmony.

Discover Marc Cain 's spring collection which brilliantly highlighted pale pink this season.



3 - The utilitarian look

The utilitarian look trend highlights oversized pieces with multiple pockets, favoring a relaxed silhouette for both the upper and lower body. The cargo style fits perfectly into this spring trend, offering a perfect combination of functionality and comfort.

Pair cargo pants with a denim jacket to create a trendy and comfortable look. Opt for a monochrome ensemble by choosing denim pieces in similar shades for a cohesive aesthetic, or dare to contrast by combining opposing shades for a bold and dynamic style.

The Part Two collection is known for its casual jackets. Also dive into the diversity of jackets and pants offered by the Liverpool collection .



4 – Floral patterns

The floral pattern trend bringing an explosion of freshness and color to fashion this spring. From delicate little florals to bold prints, these designs offer a diverse range for every style and occasion. They add a touch of romance and femininity to every outfit.

Dare to wear summer fashion with colorful dresses or light floral blouses. Choose a main room to avoid visual overload. A floral patterned dress, skirt or shirt can be the focal point of your outfit. Add plain colored accessories to ensure balance. Then, have fun by varying the types of shoes: sandals, shoes, high heels and boots.

Explore the original floral patterns of the Desigual collection . In addition, Miss Versa floral dresses will certainly seduce you!


5 - Transparency

Transparent fashion highlights light and airy pieces in transparent, semi-transparent or perforated fabrics, offering a touch of femininity and elegance. This is also the perfect opportunity to wear light crocheted knitwear. Sheer shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses are also perfect choices for a seductive and daring look.

This spring, wear a cute knit t-shirt with jeans or flowy, flared pants. Semi-transparent blouses and dresses are the ideal items for a casual look that will follow you all summer when you go out. Accessorize your outfit with a sandal or light shoe to maintain the feeling of lightness.

Discover with the Cream collection a selection of tops with a hole style, charmingly embracing transparency. In addition, the Nile brand offers a selection of semi-transparent blouses, dresses and skirts, ideal for adopting this trend.


6 – The polo collar

Fashion revisits the classic "polo" neckline in a modern and elegant way, offering versatility that allows you to easily transition from a chic look to a more sporty style with ease.

Pair polo shirts with high-waisted pants, pleated skirts or shorts. Polo shirts also lend themselves perfectly to layering, providing comfort and style. For cooler days, simply throw a crewneck sweater or jacket over your polo to create a chic and practical layering. Let your creativity run wild and vary between casual and chic looks using accessories and shoes. For example, a pair of sneakers will give a casual and urban look, while high heels will give a sophisticated look to your outfit.

Discover the selections of sweaters with a polo style collar offered by Marc Cain and Brax .


7 - Polka dots

In 2024, the polka dot pattern trend is making a comeback for spring and summer, bringing a retro and playful touch to fashion. Whether small or large, symmetrical or abstract, stuck together or spaced apart, weights offer a variety of options to express your style with elegance and simplicity. Are you ready to embrace polka dots this season?

Opt for a centerpiece adorned with polka dots: a dress, a skirt, a shirt or a t-shirt. Then, select one of the colors present in the pattern to choose your accessories. This will add a touch of harmony and accent to your outfit!

This season, among our favorite collections, White Stuff features polka dot patterns in different sizes, colors and styles.




In summary, spring and summer 2024 promise to be seasons full of creativity, diversity and daring in the world of fashion. Revisited patterns and innovative looks offer styles for all tastes. Whether you opt for sleek minimalism or a more daring appearance, remember that fashion is, above all, a way to express yourself and feel confident in your skin. So, dare to experiment, mix and match to create your own signature look!