Tendances mode automne 2023 et hiver 2024

Fall 2023 and winter 2024 fashion trends

The arrival of autumn is felt from September with the appearance of flamboyant colors and cooler days. This seasonal transition arouses in us the desire to find comfort in clothing and renew our wardrobe. To accompany you in your fall exploration, our team unveils emblematic fashion trends for the fall-winter 2023-2024 season.

Note: Some items are for illustrative purposes only. To purchase products, please see our selection online where to go in store for more advice.

1-Total denim

Among the big trends for the fall 2023 and winter 2024 seasons is the double denim look also known as the “Canadian tuxedo”. This consists of harmonizing different denim garments with similar shades to create a bold and relaxed ensemble.

As a base layer, put on a neutral-colored t-shirt or turtleneck. Then experiment with combinations of textures, hues, and jeans washes that look alike. For a sober and sophisticated style, complete your outfit with leather accessories, such as a belt, a handbag, then boots.

If you are looking for a famous brand for their denims, we suggest Brax and NYDJ . Also, if you want to find out why jeans are timeless, we suggest this article .

2-Scottish Tartan

Whether in classic cuts or contemporary designs, tartan adds distinctiveness to fashion. Scottish tiles represent a bridge between tradition and modernity, providing an opportunity to express your personality and style in a captivating way.

Feel free to wear the plaid design from head to toe by opting for a long dress or a loose coat. Complete this look by pairing some nice high boots, and you'll have a style that's both provocative and elegant.

If you want to revisit the plaid patterns, Alison Sheri exploits the tile wonderfully in her latest fall and winter collection.


3-Chic and comfortable

The “chic and comfortable” fashion trend embodies a perfect fusion between elegance and well-being. It is characterized by the use of soft and luxurious fabrics, neutral hues, oversized sizes and an accumulation of fabrics.

Prioritize wide and high collars, “oversized” sweaters, very long sleeves, then flowing pants. By marrying these clothes of the same tones with imposing jewelry, chic accessories and a nice pair of boots, you will obtain a refined appearance in absolute comfort.

The Oui and In Wear collections offer you a selection of clothing items ideal for embracing the chic and comfortable fashion trend.

4-Contrast between white and black

During the cool season, the duo of black and white will be your best ally on a daily basis and for special occasions. By orchestrating different contrasts and textures, you will achieve a fashionable and unique look with ease.

Embrace this modern yet timeless trend by layering the two shades. For a comfortable outfit, choose your favorite black pants, then put on a sweater with a striped pattern. For an evening outfit, take out your black jacket and white pants.

This fall, dive into the world of black and white revisited by Joseph Ribkoff .

5-Red and orange

Red and orange are trendy colors that vibrate in perfect harmony with autumn colors. These shades that evoke warmth and passion will follow you throughout the season through your style.

For a look that fully embraces this trend, combine red and orange in the same outfit. Go for a centerpiece in one of these colors, like red pants, then a sweater with a red and orange pattern.

Indi & Cold and Nile present a lovely range of items in warm colors that will bring a touch of comfort to your days.

6-Wide shoulders

The fashion trend with XL square shoulders reveals a trendy and assertive style. Loose clothes with pronounced shoulders add volume while remaining elegant. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style.

For a casual outfit, wear a long, loose jacket, then leave it open to show off the layers underneath. Accessorize with a belt to slightly cinch in the waist and add a touch of structure to the ensemble. Choose shoes with heels to elongate the silhouette.

Among our clothing collections, Part Two and In Wear offer a superb selection of oversized jackets that will accompany you in exploring this trend.

7-Floral pattern

Contrary to what one might think, the floral pattern is not exclusive to warm seasons. In winter, this trend is expressed in dark and neutral shades. Delicate flowers are contrasted against black or gray backgrounds for a romantic and evocative appearance.

A long black dress decorated with printed or embroidered flowers will allow you to master this style wonderfully. Add a heeled boot and a black handbag and you have a distinguished evening outfit.

You will never go wrong by choosing Desigual , the brand recognized for its floral motifs.

8-Shades of Gray

The timeless trend of gray offers a neutral base to express a variety of styles and emotions, ranging from classic sobriety to minimalist modernity. With its nuances, gray evokes an atmosphere of calm, refinement and simplicity, ideal for your fall 2023 look.

For a look that is both sophisticated and subtle, mix different shades of gray, then favor quality fabrics such as wool or cashmere. Add touches of texture with leather or metal accessories, and opt for polished footwear.

When it comes to favoring high-end fabrics like wool and cashmere, you're making the right choice by opting for Saint James .


In summary, the fashion trends for fall 2023 and winter 2024 highlight various options for a wardrobe that is both bold and comfortable. Whether you prefer bold colours, traditional patterns or neutral shades, this season's trends offer a diverse range to suit all tastes and occasions. The collections of various brands offered by Valérie Simon allow you to explore these trends and create unique and elegant looks.

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