Quelle robe choisir en fonction de sa morphologie?

Which dress to choose according to your morphology?

Body types are all different! And one of the clothes that suits all body types is of course the dress. On the other hand, you have to choose it well, because some dresses will suit you better than others! Here are some tips for finding THE type of dress for YOUR body.

V body types

Do you have fairly broad shoulders with the presence or absence of a strong chest, fairly narrow hips and often little buttocks? You are a V!

Dresses to look for

Choose flowing or tight and straight dresses, in the shape of a trapeze or in a peplum style, to balance and feminize your silhouette.

Choose a dress with a V or sweetheart neckline to refine your shoulders and keep the feminine side. Dresses with bare backs are a good way to enhance the upper body.

To highlight your legs, you can also choose short dresses. For colors, if you opt for two-tone dresses, dark colors will be more interesting in the top of the dress.

Do not forget the jewelry and high heels to feminize everything!

MISS VERSA collection is ideal for V-shaped silhouettes.

Dresses to Avoid

Avoid bustiers, turtlenecks or dresses with shoulder pads that will accentuate your bust.

X body types

Do you have a slim waist with wider shoulders and hips? The width of your hips and those of your build are similar? You are an X!

Dresses to look for

X or “hourglass” silhouettes can wear it all! How lucky! But discover the dresses that will make you stand out even more! The goal is to enhance your femininity.

You can afford anything, so indulge yourself. Tight, frilly, low-cut, colorful, patterned, sequined dresses are yours… Fitted dresses are a good way to enhance your marked waist and thus highlight your feminine silhouette.

Short dresses are to be preferred if you are small in size since they will give the illusion of lengthening your legs. For small breasts, opt for dresses that will thicken your chest such as empire style dresses or dresses with pleats or draped dresses.

PART TWO collection combines rich material and meticulous tailoring. It is ideal for X silhouettes.

Dresses to Avoid

Avoid dresses with straight cuts, turtlenecks or dresses that are too baggy since you don't want to hide your curves.

Body Types 8

Do you have a chest the same width as your hips and a slim waistline that complements the whole thing? You are an 8!

Dresses to look for

Figure-8 silhouettes can wear it all too! With this type of morphology, it is rather advantageous to put certain types of dresses forward. The goal is to highlight your feminine silhouette in all elegance.

Choose tight-fitting, fitted wrap-style dresses with flowing materials that will hug your beautiful figure. Wrap and empire style dresses are also outfits that go in this direction.

To highlight your chest and shoulders, opt for dresses with thin straps, strapless dresses or with V-necklines.

To highlight your pretty curves with elegance, opt for straight and sober dresses.

YUL VOY'sCARAMBA polka dot dress offers a fun, retro style that's perfect for the figure-8 figure.

Dresses to Avoid

Avoid shapeless, loose or loose dresses that won't flatter your curves.

H body types

Do you have a rather harmonious figure, your hips and shoulders are at the same level, but your waist is not very well defined? You are an H!

Dresses to look for

If you have an H or “rectangle” body shape, there are several tips that can help you make the optimal final decision. The main goal is to create the illusion that you have a more accentuated waistline!

We must favor empire style dresses, straight and fluid dresses that can be accompanied by a belt at the hips.

To refine your waist, opt for an hourglass-shaped dress with a darker or lighter belt which, by optical effect, will create a waistline for you.

For tall women, bet on shirt dresses, neither too long nor too tight. However, you should not be afraid to show off your beautiful legs. Opt for shorter dresses if you are comfortable.

For small breasts, opt for dresses with low necklines or strapless dresses.

This navy dress from the IRIS SETLAKWE collection brings an effortlessly chic style and goes perfectly with the H...

Dresses to Avoid

Forget dresses that are too straight, wrap-over style, too fitted or too wide, as well as dresses with a flared bottom, which will make you look rounder.

We also avoid wearing the belt tight, which would amplify the presence of your low waist. It is worn rather falling on the hips.

O body types

Your figure is generally round, your hips and shoulders are quite broad and your chest is generous? You are an O!

Dresses to look for

For those who have an O, round or oval silhouette, several tips and tricks are at your disposal. The goal is to highlight your strengths while reducing your curves.

We bet on flowing dresses, preferably empire style, straight or wraparound. Also, dresses with a slightly marked waist is interesting since it is able to highlight your pretty shapes.

Opt for dark, solid colors and matte fabrics to slim the silhouette. Choose a monochromatic look so as not to accentuate your shapes. To liven it all up, accessories like jewelry and shoes are great ways to bring color and style.

To highlight your assets and flatter your curves, opt for dresses with boat or V necklines as well as high heels that will lengthen your silhouette.

Also to elongate your figure, opt for a dress of medium length that would arrive at about knee level.

This black dress from the MOS MOSH collection brings quality, comfort and well-being to your day. It is perfect for O silhouettes.

Dresses to Avoid

We avoid dresses that are too short, which bring out the thighs, or too long, which risk breaking your silhouette. Frilly or pleated dresses are also options that will not work for you.

In addition, too bright colors and prints with stripes or large patterns are not ideal for you! Simplicity will be more interesting with your morphology.

The "A" body types

Are you petite from above (thin waist, small chest and narrow shoulders), with rounder thighs and buttocks? You are an A! It is surely one of the most widespread silhouettes.

Dresses to look for

Think fluid dresses, trapeze dresses or even strapless dresses that will be able to highlight your different assets.

This black and silver dress from the TRICOTTO collection is perfect for the A-line silhouette. It is the representation of quality and high-end workmanship. 

Dresses to Avoid

Banish dresses with big prints that will inevitably fatten you up or even dresses that are too tight and that will take away a certain harmony from your figure.