On parle de nous dans le Journal de Montréal

They talk about us in the Journal de Montréal

They talk about us in the Journal de Montréal

Boutique Fan Club
On October 9, Alexandre Fabi, co-owner of the boutiques, was interviewed by the Journal de Montréal. Here is an excerpt from the interview.
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"For months, and even more so now, I would tell you that it has become crucial to have a good plan B... And, very probably also, a very good plan C! "says without hesitation Alexandre Fabi, co-owner of six boutiques in Sherbrooke, Saint-Bruno and Montreal (Boutique In, Fan Club, Filles d'Eve, Boutique Pour lui, Entrepôt Pour lui and Boutique Valérie Simon).

Almost three months away from Christmas, the Canada Post Corporation took everyone by surprise when it warned yesterday that it would not be able to deliver all the purchases that consumers could make in the coming weeks within the expected time frame.
A message formulated both for the attention of customers – who are asked to shop in advance – and for retailers, who are encouraged to prevent the blow. The signal is all the more important since a large proportion of Quebec retailers, who were still slow to embrace e-commerce, have had no choice but to get started since the start of the pandemic.

Delivered by the owner!

“Like our hospital system, which has a limited number of beds, the capacity of an organization like Canada Post is also not unlimited,” explains the CEO of Le Panier Bleu, Alain Dumas. No company could have predicted such growth in e-commerce in such a short period of time. »

Alexandre Fabi also learned. His solution: personalized delivery! "If it's on our way, or not far from one or other of our stores, why not deliver it ourselves?"

It's reliable, faster, and customers are always surprised when they realize that it's their store manager who comes knocking at their door. Really, everyone wins! »

Source Journal de Montréal