Idées cadeaux pour femmes

Gift ideas for women

It's finally time to start shopping for your Christmas gifts! Yes yes, already. You don't know what to give your mother, your best friend, your wife, your girlfriend, your cousin, your sister...? Here are our many gift ideas for her!

*Please note that the images used are inspirations

Small and medium gifts

For those on a tighter budget or who just want to find a little something to put in a Christmas socks, these suggestions are perfect for you!


Oh, scarves! In silk, wool, cotton, light, warm, long, small, colourful, simple… the scarf is one of the most practical accessories that can be worn all year round, in every way imaginable. We have a very varied selection that will appeal to as many people as possible. Part Two and Saint James are our favorites in this area!

Our full selection is here.


During the holidays, candles are our best friends. To take a bath, have a romantic dinner, read, relax, light up the house when a snowstorm cuts the power… In short, a pretty Yankee Candle in the Christmas stocking and you're done! You will find them in store only.


You will always manage to please someone with a nice and comfortable pair of socks. Thought and Bleuforêts socks are our favorites. There are all colors, all models, all materials...cotton, viscose, cashmere, wool, bamboo, modal, silk, you can't go wrong! They keep you warm and add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to a look. What more could you ask for?

Our full selection is here.


A belt can also be a good idea for a small gift. Everyone needs a belt in their life! It is worn almost every day and for ladies, it can even be worn at the waist, over a pretty dress.

Our full selection is here.


Jewellery, jewellery, jewellery… you can rarely go wrong by giving a nice piece of jewelery to your loved one. Go for something that makes you think of the person you are giving it to: a color, a pendant, a special stone. We have a beautiful and large selection of jewelry of all kinds: delicate necklaces, original rings, colorful bracelets… Beblue is the jewelry pro, take a look!

Our full selection is here.

Gifts for larger budgets

Do you have some loose ends this year and want to let yourself go and buy a little more expensive gifts for the women around you? Here are some suggestions that will certainly make them very happy!


A very special and unique gift, but also very useful: bags and saddlebags. Who doesn't? For grocery shopping, carrying personal effects, wallet, computer, going to school, to work... it's always practical! And it can be a good addition to a set, you can easily match it to your look. A perfect two in one! We have a soft spot for our Marc Cain bags and satchels which are of very high quality and timeless.

Our full selection is here.


The perfect gift to offer: a sweater. T-shirts, knits, turtlenecks, hoodies, shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, cardigans… there are so many that it's hard to go wrong. There is something for every taste! Go for a walk in the knits of Saint James, Elena Wang or Part Two to provide some comfort and warmth in this colder time. Attention that will certainly warm hearts!

Our full selection of pullovers & sweaters is here.
Our full selection of t-shirts and tank tops is here.
Our complete selection of blouses and shirts is here.


Another original idea is an evening dress. There are many parties during the holiday season. At mom's, at dad's, at in-laws, with friends, on New Year's Day... Take a stroll through all our dresses and maybe you will find the rare pearl to offer. It will be very useful for all those gatherings where women like to dress up and put on their prettiest dress.

Our full selection of dresses is here.

To avoid

The hardest gift to give: pants. It is already complicated to shop for beautiful pants for yourself, imagine for someone else! There are so many different models, cuts, fabrics and colors that it is very complex to find the perfect style for another person. We therefore advise you to go in another direction or buy pajama pants or jogging pants, which are much easier to offer and choose.

If in doubt

Are you still lacking inspiration despite all these proposals? No problem! Go ahead with a safe bet: the famous gift certificate. No quibbles, no mistakes, no exchanges, easy packaging and just as much happiness and recognition!

Certificat Cadeau

Idea for you

It's Christmas, so why not treat yourself? It's nice to give gifts and to please those you love, but you deserve this kind of attention from your part just as much.

Now is the time to buy yourself a nice pair of pants. This is rarely what you will receive as a gift given the complexity of buying it for someone other than yourself.

Beautiful, quality jeans that fit like a glove and match your entire wardrobe? YES! Black, dressier pants for important occasions? YES! Fashionable and comfortable joggers for remote work or Christmas movie days? YES YES YES!

For women, our flagship collections are BRAX, NYDJ, InWear, Part Two, Marc Cain and Cambio. Our full selection is here.

For men, go to BRAX, Paige, Good Man Brand and the newly launched: Tramassora (in store only). Our full selection is here.

Come on, treat yourself! It's Christmas after all.

Why shop with us for the holidays?

In addition to supporting a local business, the gifts you buy from us are 100% refundable upon presentation of proof of purchase. So you can shop with peace of mind and pleasure. Plus, enjoy free shipping on purchases of $100 or more! For more details on our purchasing policies, it's here.

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