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Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it's an opportunity to thank our moms. To do this, we have found some gift ideas for Mother's Day, separated into different mum profiles. Whether you are a "super" mother, a grandmother, a new mother or you want to thank a mother who is dear to you, we have the gift ideas for you!

Gift ideas for: the everyday mother

Work, dinner, homework, laundry… Phew! We love our children unconditionally, but sometimes the routine can become exhaustive. Are you that mom? Treat yourself and shop among our product suggestions selected just for you. Do you know this mom? Give him one of our items as a gift. These are products for mature and professional women.

Krystal pants

These beige pants are perfect for summer! Composed mainly of linen, it lets the freshness circulate and does not suffocate you. These pants are delicate and light.

Victoria Shirt (Brax)

This pink linen shirt is a must have for the coming season. This item will become one of your favorites, we promise!

Blue dress (Elena Wang)

This dress is sophisticated and chic while being simple. It is perfect for you or for your mother! Everyone will love it.

Brown satchel (Joseph Ribkoff)

This bag is elegant and urban. This is the perfect gift for you or for a mom of your choice! You won't want to go out without this item.

Justine top
(Mélissa Nepton)

This camisole is synonymous with freshness. Opt for this top to mix comfort and elegance.

Ottavio belt (Des Petits Hauts)

This belt is a little basic to add to your wardrobe. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans. It will give a contrast effect in all your outfits.

T-shirt Rosé is the way to my heart (Oui)

Celebrate Mother's Day like this t-shirt says. Take out the rosé and celebrate your moms, they so deserve it!

Pave Finished Rings (Beblue)

These golden earrings are beautiful and delicate. In addition, it is possible to match them with all your outfits, casual and/or chic. They give a mature and prestigious look.

Gift ideas for: Grandma

Grandmothers have been through a lot… They deserve a little recognition and above all, a lot of love! Show them your affection by offering them a little jewel, a bag or even a piece of clothing! This is also the perfect opportunity to treat yourself if you are a grandmother yourself!

Bracelet on elastic in mother-of-pearl beads, fine stones and 925 silver (Beblue)

This bracelet is so feminine, perfect for you or your favorite grandma! Its colors are soft, comforting and tender.

Beach bag
(Saint James)

This bag is perfect for trips to the beach! Fill it with your favorite summer essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses, beach towel, book, magazine, etc. This bag is as beautiful as it is practical.

Bermuda blanc (Alison Sheri)

These flowing white Bermuda shorts are ideal for your days at the pool, at the beach or even for your picnics. Its lightness will allow you to wear them even during the heat wave and this, in optimal comfort.

(Des Petits Hauts)

This yellow skirt calls the sun and its rays. Impossible not to have a great day wearing it! Its tropical print reminds us of hot countries and Piña Coladas.

Hemp tank top

The texture of this tank top is made for summer! It will keep you cool all season long and protect you from the sun.


Gift ideas for: the “super” mother

Determined, confident, ambitious and courageous! She is present behind every mother. Here are punchy, colorful or more extravagant items. Wear them when you feel like conquering the world, they will help you in this quest.

MARILYN straight jeans (NYDJ)

These pink jeans are perfect for the summer season. Pink will be trendy this summer. Get this item to be ahead of the trends, you won't be disappointed. Its cut hugs your curves to show you off.

T-shirt Kahelia (Kaffe)

This t-shirt is perfect for Mother's Day! The graphic is a reminder of the strong woman behind every mom. In addition, this top is feminine, simple and friendly for all.

Linen dress (Brax)

This dress is energizing! Its color is electrifying. You'll turn heads when you wear it.

Summer dress (Saint James)

Opt for a pop of color in your wardrobe, she will thank you!

Gift idea for: the new mother

If you're that mom, you've been giving a lot lately and now it's your turn to give yourself something. Here are our item suggestions for you or for a new mom you would like to spoil. They are casual, comfortable and trendy products!

PATRICIA (Saint James)

This blue denim is a fundamental basic. You'll want to wear it every day. It's comfortable and goes with all your favorite tops. It is light enough to wear in the summer.

925 elastic rings with charms (Beblue)

This set of rings is a gift of great simplicity that will satisfy you. The charms attached to the rings are subtle, but add so much to this jewelry.


This skirt is so lovely. Its color reminds us of the color of sunsets. Its floral print is divine. This skirt is sure to please everyone!

SELMA short biker leggings

These biker short leggings are so trendy! Pair it with a sweater or shirt. Otherwise, put it under a dress. These leggings might even come in handy for your bike rides!

Linen mid-length skirt

This skirt stands out for its fluidity and lightness. It is perfect for spring and summer. Wear it with a white or more colorful top.

CACIA tank top
(Mélissa Nepton)

The color of this tank top is sublime! It doesn't go unnoticed. This tank top is perfect for summer.

Top GIGI (Mélissa Nepton)

This top is so adorable! wow! Treat yourself or a new mother you cherish. You will be more than happy. Feminine, delicate and simple!

Ruffle dress
(Marc Cain)

This pink dress is surreal! Its fluidity will allow you to move with ease. You will be lovely!

Denim short (Kaffe)

These denim shorts are a must have! You can create an array of different looks with this one.

Blouse CHARIA (Kaffe)

This white blouse is so delicate and feminine, how can you resist it? Wear it with your favorite jeans and rattan sandals. Your look will be more than perfect!


Still haven't found the inspiration you were looking for? Continue your shopping by taking a look at our new arrivals for more choices.

Happy Mother's Day!