tenues avec la collection Esprit

How to style your outfits with the Esprit collection

The Esprit collection is renowned for its versatility, offering a range of outfits for every occasion. This versatility is further reinforced by the added value provided by the Valerie Simon brand . How to style your outfits with the Esprit collection? Discover tips for pairing an Esprit printed t-shirt with jeans or jersey pants, as well as the importance of adding accessories to elevate your style.

Casual outfits

Esprit offers a variety of casual outfits that combine comfort and style. Indeed, for a casual but trendy look, start by choosing an Esprit printed t-shirt that reflects your personality. You can opt for floral patterns, inspirational messages or modern graphic designs.

Pair it with well-cut jeans for a chic and casual look. Esprit jeans are renowned for their impeccable fit and comfort. You can also choose jersey pants for a comfortable alternative, ideal for a relaxing day at home or an evening with friends.

At the same time, adding accessories is essential to enhance your look . A stylish leather belt can enhance your waist and add a touch of sophistication to your casual outfit. And don't forget the shoes: white sneakers or leather sandals are the perfect complement to a casual look.

The accessories for a perfect outfit don't stop there. A straw hat, trendy sunglasses and an Esprit tote bag can add a summer dimension to your outfit. Discreet jewelry, like silver earrings or a delicate bracelet, adds a subtle touch of elegance.

Work outfits

The Esprit collection also offers a range of workwear combining functionality and style. Interestingly, the Esprit blazer can be an essential part of your professional wardrobe. So, for a stylish office look, pair this blazer with well-cut tapered pants or a woven skirt that hugs your curves. Esprit blazers are available in a wide variety of colors and fits, allowing you to create ensembles to suit your style and work environment.

Additionally, details are essential to complete your work outfit. Shoes play a crucial role, so opt for classic pumps or leather loafers that will add a touch of sophistication to your look. On the other hand, understated jewelry , like pearl earrings or a minimalist necklace, adds subtle elegance without being too showy.

And to top it all off, an Esprit messenger bag or handbag can also be a functional and stylish accessory for carrying your work essentials. However, know that insurance is the best accessory. So make sure your work clothes flatter you and are comfortable throughout the day.

Evening outfits

The Esprit range also offers elegant options for special evenings. Transform a jersey mini dress into a chic outfit by adding the right accessories. Opt for high heels and sparkling jewelry to add a touch of glamour. Additionally, a small Esprit handbag or clutch can perfectly complement your evening look.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more casual outfit for a night out with friends or dinner, an oversized blouse from Esprit can be a great option. Wear it with tailored pants and add an elegant belt to highlight your waist. Finally, sleek heels or ankle boots complete this casual-chic look.


Esprit offers remarkable versatility to suit a multitude of occasions. Whether it's casual, professional or a special evening outfit, Esprit offers pieces that allow you to create unique and personalized looks.

The versatility of the Esprit collection is truly remarkable. Casual outfits can be styled with printed t-shirts, jeans or jersey pants, providing ultimate comfort without sacrificing style. Adding accessories such as belts, shoes and jewelry instantly elevates these outfits, transforming them into casual and elegant looks suitable for a wide range of occasions.

For work, Esprit blazers pair perfectly with tapered pants or woven skirts, creating a sleek, professional look. Additionally, details like shoes and jewelry play a key role in helping you stand out in the office.

Finally, for special evenings, the Esprit collection offers options ranging from jersey mini dresses to oversized blouses. Note that with the right accessories, such as high heels and sparkling jewelry, you can easily transform these outfits into elegant looks.