Comment porter la jube?

How to wear your skirt?

The skirt is an essential to have in your wardrobe. Whether short or long, linen or silk, plain or printed, there is something for every taste and every style. The skirt is a versatile piece that allows you to create a variety of different looks. However, the skirt is sometimes a difficult piece to style. What sweater to pair it with? What pair of shoes to wear?

To make it easier for you, our advisers have gathered in this article the best advice and several inspirations that will help you style your different models of skirts to perfection. Let's go!

The mid-length skirt

The mid-length skirt is a skirt that arrives below the knees, in the middle of the calves. It is the perfect compromise between the short skirt and the long skirt. If you don't like to show off your legs, this model might interest you. In addition, it is ideal for spring, because it covers a good part of the legs. That said, the term only indicates the length of the skirt. It is therefore available in several models: pleated, wrap-around, etc. Fabrics can also diverge.

For whom?

If you are tall, this skirt is for you, because it will make you look less tall. It also allows you to highlight your hips.

How to wear the mid-length skirt?

Several options are possible…

Option 1: White T-shirt
If you like a rather simple and basic style, we suggest you wear it with a white t-shirt. However, opt for a printed skirt. Wear it with white sneakers or for a more chic look, with high heels.
Option 2 : KNITWEAR
Play with the thickness of the knit, the length and the texture. Put the end of the sweater inside your skirt. Add a perfecto for a more urban ensemble. Wear this set with ankle boots or sneakers. This set is perfect for fall and the arrival of colder days.

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Leather skirt

The leather skirt is timeless. Once again, several models are available: short, mid, split, printed, etc. Assumed, courageous and determined women will like to wear it. The leather skirt can be worn in a more classic and/or more rock style.

For whom?

Since different models exist, it is possible to find a leather skirt that suits your own morphology.

How to wear the leather skirt?

The leather skirt should be worn with lighter and/or softer tops.

Option 1: Airy blouse
Since the leather skirt offers a certain heaviness, it is important to rebalance the silhouette by putting on a lighter top. Opt for a more fluid top. White t-shirts and vaporous blouses are therefore welcome. To complete the look, put on some high heels. This set will be very feminine.

Option 2 : Knitwear

To add softness to your ensemble, wear your leather skirt with a sweater. Again, this will balance out your look. Mix rock, classic and casual. If you're rocking this look in the winter, don't hesitate to put on some tights to keep you warm.

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Denim skirt

The denim skirt is one of the classics to have in your wardrobe. It's a reinvented jeans. It is available in several different lengths, colors and cuts. Sometimes certain patterns can be added (embroidery, print, etc.).

For whom?

Everyone! That's the beauty of these skirts.

How to wear the denim skirt?

It can be worn in different ways.

Option 1: With a basic t-shirt

Wear your denim skirt with a white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. This set is simple, but all-purpose. You can also wear this style with a colorful t-shirt for extra pop. Add a bag for a more complete set.
Option 2: With a white or blue blouse
Wear your denim skirt with a white or blue blouse. You will thus have an urban and sophisticated look at the same time. What better? Add a scarf or belt for a complete look.
Option 3: With a knit
For a more relaxed and comfortable outfit, wear your denim skirt with a knit. It can be thin or thick, fitted or oversized. No matter, you will be cracking in any case! Wear a neutral knit if you want to be more classic or wear a colored knit for more whimsy.

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The wrap skirt:

The wrap skirt is a skirt that crosses on the front or on the side. It can be short or long, plain or printed. It is very feminine and so pretty!

For whom?

If you have thin hips and a small waist, the wrap skirt is for you! The skirt will expand your hips and waist to rebalance your figure. However, it is suitable for everyone! 

How to wear the wrap skirt?

Go for simplicity!

Option 1: Printed skirt and white t-shirt
If the wrap skirt is printed, we suggest you wear it with a basic white top (camisole, sweater, t-shirt). To complete the look, put on a perfecto jacket and your favorite pair of sneakers. You will have a sporty-chic look of hell.

Pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is, as its name suggests, a skirt with pleats. It is often associated with school uniforms or sports uniforms on the tennis courts. In both cases, it will be short, but be aware that it exists in a longer version. In this case, it will offer a slightly more chic look, but still casual.

Who does it suit?

You should also know and understand that the pleated skirt will not suit all body types. So, if you have rather developed hips or a little roundness in the belly, it would be better to avoid this style of skirt.

How to wear the pleated skirt?

The pleated skirt allows many chic combinations for every occasion. Whether it's a cocktail party, a wedding, a party or a simple stroll through the streets and parks, this versatile piece will become your best ally.

Option 1 :With a sweater and high heels
Wear your pleated skirt with a turtleneck knit, neutral or colored, depending on your preference. Wear this set with the knit under or over your skirt. Both are pretty! If you want a more fitted look, tuck the end of the knit inside your skirt. Thus, it will fit more your forms. If your knit is oversized, it might be nice to leave it over your skirt. This way they will make your figure look straight. The choice is yours, have fun!
Option 2 :With a biker jacket and sneakers (sporty-chic)
This look is sublime! The skirt and the biker jacket give this look a rather chic effect, while the sneakers bring a sportier side. Thus, the whole is balanced and made of it, is a perfect blend. Add a small handbag, sunglasses and your set will be more than perfect!
Option 3 : With a simple t-shirt
Wear it with a white tee or a graphic tee. It's simple, but so pretty!
Option 4 :Two complementary colors
Find two complementary colors that you like and mix them together. Although we are more or less inclined to put so many colors, you may be surprised with the result!
Option 5 : Monochrome
The monochrome look is timeless and so elegant. Choose your favorite pieces in the same shades. Do not exceed more than three different colors. You should end up with a look similar to the ones below! Wonderful!

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In summary, have fun creating new looks! You might be surprised how many different outfits you can create from just one skirt. Feel free to add accessories, ditch your high heels for your sneakers and add some color. Dare!