Comment plier ses vêtements efficacement

How to fold your clothes efficiently

Knowing how to fold your clothes properly allows you to keep your wardrobe in order and to be able to quickly locate your favorite items. While there are different ways to fold clothes, the Marie Kondo method has grown in popularity over the past few years.

Do you know Marie Kondo? She is a Japanese superstar expert in storage and offers a simple, relevant and effective approach to banishing clutter. His approach recommends keeping only the essentials, and folding clothes in such a way as to save the maximum space in their wardrobe.

Do you want to gain efficiency and space with your clothes? Here are some tips to get there.

Folding clothes using the KonMari method

The technique ? Fold all your clothes into rectangles, so they stand up on shelves or in drawers, instead of laying them flat.

Start first with your clothes that need to be hung, such as dresses, shirts, skirts or coats. Store these on hangers, and sort them by length, from the longest piece to the shortest.

For the rest, everything, absolutely everything, must be folded! We've put together some of the most popular videos to help you get started.

Folding pants:

Overlap the two legs and fold the crotch to form a straight line. Fold in half horizontally, then in three equal parts.

Folding shorts:

The same technique as with the pants. Overlap the two legs and fold the crotch to form a straight line. Fold in half horizontally, then in half again.

Folding a t-shirt:

Above all, do not bend it in four or in a corkscrew. Put the front of the t-shirt in front of you, fold the sides towards the middle of the garment, then fold the sleeves down so that they do not stick out. Then fold the t-shirt in half horizontally, then in thirds. That's it!

Folding a sweater:

The technique remains the same as for the t-shirts, there is only one additional step to fold the long sleeves vertically.

Folding a camisole:

Fold the garment in half, vertically. Fold the straps inwards and possibly the sides if the tank top is flared. Fold in thirds horizontally.

Pince un pull ou un coton ouate:

Mettez la face arrière devant vous, répondez chacun des côtés vers le milieu, puis rabattez les manches pour qu'elles ne subissent pas, à la verticale. Pliez ensuite le pull en trois à l'horizontale.

Folding socks and tights

Oh yes, there is also a technique to fold socks. This will allow you to maintain the elastic of the pair of socks, and increase its lifespan.

1- For the ankle socks, overlap them then fold them in three horizontally.

2- For high socks, overlap them then fold them in four horizontally.

3- For the tights, overlap the legs, fold in half then roll up like sushi.

    Folding panties:

    Back side in front of you, fold the bottom of the panties towards the center, then fold it in three vertically. Roll it up and flip it over.

    Folding bras:

    Be careful, do not fold the bra in half. Instead, close it then fold the straps into the cups. Then stack them in a box or drawer.

    Folding scarves:

    For scarves, fold them in half, then roll them up.

    For all the other clothes that are not in the list above, the trick is to always keep in mind that you have to form a rectangle.

    Now that you've learned how to fold your clothes, it's time to practice. You can also take the opportunity to organize the rest of your wardrobe. Discover 7 practical tips to make it happen here.


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