5 essentiels pour une tenue professionnelle pour femme réussie

5 essentials for a successful professional woman's outfit

You have a date? An important outing for work? A gala? A professional meeting? An evening with friends in a 5* restaurant?

You have to give up your joggers, your hoodies, your oversized t-shirts (in short, all your loungewear) and sail quietly towards clothes that are more classy and professional, but no less comfortable.

No need to worry, you don't need much to be fabulous and feel in control of your look.

Fashion is reinventing itself and now walks between chic-clean-dressed up and relax-laid back-business casual.

Here are, according to our team, the 5 essentials to have in your wardrobe for a successful professionnal woman's outfit.

The pants, the unavoidable

In 2021, the pants assert themselves more than ever and can undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your ensemble. Always opt for a high waist, the best friend of your silhouette and your comfort. A straight or wider leg will give you a chic and professionnal look; match it with a boot and a pull and you are ready for every occasions.
Pantalon Vert Chandail Noir Femme
Legging Noir Veston Carrelé Femme
Don't be afraid to wear more vibrant colors or even go for the leather effect. This textile will give you a classic and trendy style. And don't forget the jeans; you will never go wrong : it's timeless, versatile and comfortable! Wear it with your prettiest shirt and a blazer and it will be the guaranteed class.

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The skirt, the essential

This indispensable for everyday outfits for women : impossible to go wrong! Long, short, pleated, flared, fluid, straight, plain, checkered, with an animal print, in wool, in satin… She keeps and will keep her title again this year.
Jupe Tailleur Foncée Femme
Jupe Porte-Feuille Noire Femme
Opt for a neutral and sober color for a simpler and cleaner style or choose a more flamboyant color to add a touch of eccentricity and originality to your look. For a less chic style, but just as professional and fashionable, it's possible to wear your skirt with a cute t-shirt. To know everything about how to wear a skirt, it's here.

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The shirt or blouse, for all occasions

Don't be afraid to play with textures, fabrics, sleeve lengths, patterns, colors, cuts! If you feel like daring, all paths are possible. When in doubt, put on a white shirt or blouse and you will NEVER go wrong. You'll always look professional in a nice shirt that you love.
Blouse Picots Noire Femme
Blouse Blanche Jeans Femme
You can wear it as a key piece of your look with simple pants and a high heel or under a blazer, with a colorful skirt or even under a pull, to show only his collar and cuffs.

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The blazer, for the business woman in you

If you are missing something, if your outfit seems incomplete, if you don't find that little "je-ne-sais-quoi" in your look to be in total confidence... It's probably because you've forget to put your blazer on! Dare to use color, patterns, you can even put a tie on. Yes, that's right! Match your blazer with the same color of your pants or skirt for a tone on tone style, really in vogue since the last few years.
Veston Beige T-Shirt Blanc Femme
Veston Noir Blouse Blanche Femme
With a sober outfit enhanced by a long blazer, you can't go wrong either! It always brings that more dressed up effect that we are looking for in our chic and professional ensembles, so don't wait any longer.

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The dress, elegance and feminity

Ah the dresses! An essential no matter the season, the event, the place… It will make you stand out from the crowd. The midi dresses are very trendy lately, so take this opportunity to wear it with your best shoe since it will be well in evidence.
Robe Fleurie Veston Noir Femme
Robe Rose Femme
The dress can be worn alone, but it can also be worn under a blazer or under a pull with a nice high boot or with a belt at the waist to accentuate your silhouette. In wool, in silk, striped, spotted, with an animal print, plain, sober, adjusted, long, short… no matter, there is really something for everyone and you will never go wrong : elegance awaits you!

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The final touch

In the end, everything depends on where you're going, but no matter where you spend your days, never forget to be yourself and show your personality. This is what will make you feel confident in your style!

Take advantage of this renewal to redo your wardrobe, dare new trends and rediscover your clothing style, it's never too late!

Add your favorite accessories to your ensemble : your most beautiful jewelry, a scarf, a hat, a nice pair of high heels, a matching handbag... in short, anything!

All of this is just a pretext for a well-deserved shopping trip. Spoil yourself!